Commercial and Industrial Flooring

Commercial and Industrial Flooring

Texas Tough Tops offers you the state of the art in floor coating services designed to fit your needs. The appearance and condition of your businesses floor is an immediate indication of your companies quality, cleanliness and attention to detail. Best of all, Texas Tough Tops floors are highest quality, laid thick and are affordable.

Our epoxies are formulated for high impact and abrasion resistance at the most competitive prices. Our applicators use professional equipment and procedures to ensure optimal applications. Coatings applied by Texas Tough Tops is easily maintained and does not require expensive and time consuming waxing. From smooth coatings to slip resistant coatings, we have a floor designed for your specific work environment.

Numerous well known Texas companies and institutions, such as Dell, Planet Fitness, Texas School Districts, State of Texas Prisons, and County Jails have relied on Texas Tough Tops for high quality work at an affordable price point.

Texas Tough Tops has built a strong reputation for providing high quality floor coating services for reputable Texas entities, both private and public. Whether it’s the State of Texas prison system, Texas Air Force bases or leading private businesses, Texas Tough Tops leads the way in the installation of high quality flooring at an affordable price point.

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