aviation hangar coatings

The EPOXY Secret

Texas Tough Tops takes a special interest in airplane hangar coatings. We have installed several hundred thousand square footage of airport hangar epoxy since our inception in 2005. Many large nationwide companies compete in this industry, charging astronomical prices for their coatings. But, the reality is, epoxy is simply a chemical. You can’t fool science. At Texas Tough Tops, we utilize one simple product: the highest-grade epoxy that epoxy can be made, 100% solids two part, non-water based epoxy. Epoxy has nothing to do with brand a, b or c…it all has to do with the spec sheet. And, when you use the highest-grade epoxy, you get the highest grade result.

Factors to Consider

When investing in a high-quality coating for an aviation hangar, the following factors should be considered:

Prep Work:

It is critical that the concrete is meticulously diamond grinded. This does not mean renting four cheap grinders at the local rental outfit and putting them in the hands of four laborers. High-end grinders with HEPA dust containment cost 20-30K, they are not readily available at any rental agency. Further, if someone is renting one, they likely don’t know how to operate it properly; rotation speed and utilizing the correct hardness or softness of diamonds. This is the most critical step of the entire process. At Texas Tough Tops, we bring in the Texas kings of professional diamond grinding, a specialized crew that will masterfully open every single pore of your concrete, ensuring that our high-end epoxy will soak deeply into each pore, giving you years non-peeling and beautiful epoxy.


As mentioned, epoxy is simply a chemical. It is measured by what is referred to as the “percent of solids” and whether it is water or oil based. The higher the solids, the more durable the floor. Water based is weak. Oil based is strong. We only utilize one golden product: 100% solids and oil based. Its thickest, strongest and has the most showroom finish. Do not get fooled into some low solids epoxy, such as a 20%, 40%, 60% or even 85% solids. There is zero reason to make this fatal mistake.

Chemical Resistance:

Our highest grade epoxy is manufactured by a nation-wide leader in the epoxy coating manufacturing business. With over 30+ years in the business, their products have been well tested by their scientific team. We utilize the specific coating by this manufacturer that is specifically designed for the rigorous demands of the aviation flooring industry. It holds up very well to the various chemicals that aircraft flooring is exposed to.


You won’t find a more lustrous, hard and bold floor than a Texas Tough Tops epoxy floor. Not all epoxies are the same. Our highest grade, 100% solids epoxy shines beautifully. Ease of clean-up is a breeze. All light reflects of it like a mirror. This makes the aesthetics second to none and mechanical repairs optimal with additional brightness of the entire hangar. While most hangar owners like and opt for a smooth epoxy coating to make clean-up easy and to create that showroom appeal, some owners may prefer a more slip resistant surface. We can create this as well.


We ask that you consider the value of a more local and regional company such as Texas Tough Tops when contracting for a new airport hangar coating. While nationwide firms may sway you with their size and experience, we want you to consider that we have less overhead, utilize the exact or very similar materials and are so easy to work with and communicate with. We will send installers that have 10-15 years of experience. Most large firms hire rapidly hired crews with limited experience. Sure, the company may have a long history, but how about the guys doing the actual work? Call Texas Tough Tops today… a legendary Texas based company.