Introducing our company

Texas Tough Tops is a local Austin small business that has been in operation for 15 years. We are the premiere epoxy coating company, serving Austin TX and surrounding cities with pride and exceptional quality since 2004.

Texas Tough Tops is a "Texas Proud" company skilled in the installation of showroom quality, industrial strength flooring for garage floors, restaurant floors, industrial floors and other environments that require a solid floor that is easy to maintain.

We will always be most affordable and our floors will always be highest quality commercial grade tough.

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Flooring Two-day Application Flooring Two-day Application

Two-day Application

Consider the value of two-day application:

Save two days

Save 2 days in application time. Save 3 days in curing time. Park your car in the garage 5 days sooner.

We only utilize the highest grade epoxy, 100% solids epoxy. We use two thick coats of this product. This highest grade epoxy allows for quick turnaround and return to use.Highest grade epoxy, 100% solids, cures very quickly, allowing you to get back on your floor fast. It also resists oils, gas, chemicals and black tire marks. In a typical installation, get your floor started on a Monday and get back to using your floor Wednesday morning!

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Our process

Flooring our process
Professional Preparation:

We remove all oil, rust, dirt and grime that is deep in your concrete. We diamond grind AND chemically etch to prep your floor.

Concrete has many small waves and dips that a grinder wheel may not make contact with...for this reason, it's critical to also use acid etching (liquid based for low spots).

Our unique process of using both grinding AND follow-up with acid etching, results in a solid adhesion and no peeling.We have consistent and positive results with this method.

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Epoxy Application:

Our epoxy is not for beginners. It hardens within minutes and cures within hours. Precision and expertise is required.

You will be impressed with the level of commercial quality, high gloss finish and thickness. Your new floor will resist scratches, chemicals/oils, abrasions, and harmful UV rays.

Our pricing

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Reviews and endorsements

As an industry leader in commercial construction, Harvey-Cleary seeks reputable sub-contractors, characterized by great service, a quality product and unparalleled craftmanship. Texas Tough Tops has met these high standards on several projects. Our large clients, such as Dell, have been extremely impressed with the quality and price point of Texas Tough Tops service.

David Wright, Harvey-Cleary

As an award-winning central Texas custom homebuilder, recognized for excellence in all aspects of the custom homebuilding experience, we use Texas Tough Tops epoxy to create showroom epoxy garage floors in our custom homes. This includes our prestigious 2008 and 2010 Parade of Homes models. Texas Tough Tops is a reputable team and uses high quality epoxy at a reasonable price.

David Wright, Harvey-Cleary