Our process


Professional Preparation:

We remove all oil, rust, dirt and grime that is deep in your concrete. We diamond grind AND chemically etch to prep your floor. Concrete has many small waves and dips that a grinder wheel may not make contact with...for this reason, it's critical to also use acid etching (liquid based for low spots).


Our unique process of using both grinding AND

follow-up with acid etching, results in a solid adhesion and no peeling. We have consistent and positive results with this method.


Epoxy Application:

Our epoxy is not for beginners. It hardens within minutes and cures within hours. Precision and expertise is required. You will be impressed with the level of commercial quality, high gloss finish and thickness. Your new floor will resist scratches, chemicals/oils, abrasions, and harmful UV rays.

Two-day Application

Consider the value of two-day application:

At Tough Tops, we only use state-of-the-art epoxy technology. Our commercial quality, solvent based, 100% solids epoxy hybrid can be installed in just one day! This saves you a lot of hassle and time, allows you to move your things in faster, walk on it faster and park your car on it faster. At Texas Tough Tops, we are skilled in the latest epoxy technologies and products. We have carefully selected the finest products for our customers. And, because we stand behind our work, it is especially important you never have problems with your floor. After all, we're the one's who would have to repair it. We don't like that. Thus, we do it right the first time.

Residential Pricing: $3.95/square foot (minimum price: $1,800)

Designing your floor is



Select a standard base color.


Select a chip color blend.


If you want Metallics epoxy


Give us a call

at (512) 636 3766.

Safety Blue
Safety Red
Safety Yellow
Delta Fog
Concrete Gray
Seattle Red
Red Brick
Thatch Brown

Metallics epoxy

For customers seeking a more modern and contemporary epoxy floor, we offer the latest in epoxy coatings: metallics epoxy. Texas Tough Tops is highly skilled in the installation of these very difficult to install floors. These floors make an incredible statement. Just like our traditional "chipped floors," metallic epoxy floors are made using the same high quality, 100% solids epoxy. It should be noted that metallic epoxy floors do require double the product to create the desirable "stratus cloud" or "bowling ball" effect. As a result, these floors do cost more. That said, you will likely be the only person in your community with this style floor.

Our price: $6.50 / square foot