About Us

Texas Tough Tops is a "Texas Proud" company skilled in the installation of showroom quality, industrial strength flooring for garage floors, restaurant floors, industrial floors and other environments that require a solid floor that is easy to maintain.

We serve Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and all the smaller towns in between. If you need an epoxy garage floor, if you need a warehouse epoxy coated, if you need any type of industrial flooring, give Texas Tough Tops Epoxy a call today. It doesn't matter where you live. We love Texas. We love Texans. We'll come to you.

We will not depart from our vision: We will always be most affordable and our floors will always be highest quality commercial grade tough. With high volume and low overhead, we lay epoxy floors cheaper per square foot than our competitors.


Popular demand inspired Seth Thompson to start Texas Tough Tops, a business specializing in superior showroom garage floors and industrial flooring. It all began when he moved to Austin several years ago as a young professional. Eager to make home improvements to his new condo, he decided to paint his garage floor with an inferior paint from a large home improvement box store. "It looked pretty decent," he admitted, "although it didn't have the shine, thickness or durability I had envisioned." Nevertheless, that same week an impressed neighbor asked Seth to treat her garage floor. Thompson agreed because "I enjoyed it." Thompson quickly realized that a market existed for this service. He began to experiment with various top-end epoxies and concrete preparation methods in order to develop a high quality product that would deliver a thick coating with a lustrous, high-gloss shine that didn't peel under hot tires. After completing a formal business plan and earning a certification in floor coatings from a leading epoxy manufacturer, Texas Tough Top launched its mission to provide highend garage floors and industrial floors at an affordable price point.

Texas Tough Tops floors have a unique, superior showroom finish, are easy to clean, and simply look fascinating. Homeowners can use a cloth to wipe up oil, battery acid, and other contaminants on the garage floor. A showroom garage floor is especially attractive to those who are organized and love a tidy garage, and a clean garage floor means less dirt and grime is tracked into the home, a plus for the discerning homeowner. As Thompson notes, "The garage is one of the biggest spaces in the home, and it shelters some of our most valuable possessions ... our cars. Why not make this room an appropriate home for the cars we treasure." Many local Austin Parade of Homes™ Builders and countless central Texans have used Texas Tough Tops to beautify their garages.

Seth Thompson